Yoga for Young People

Yoga Resources For Young People

Yoga Sequences

One of the sequences we practise is the ‘sun salutation’:

This is a traditional sequence in yoga that helps you connect your body, movement and breath. You can take this at any speed you like, breathing many times in each position or moving with each breath.

In this graphic,

⏫ means breathe in.

⏬ means breathe out.

Your Morning Schedule

This is the movement we practise together in person. If you like, you can play it with this playlist.

Meditation Download

Here is a 6 minute audio meditation by Tamara.

It uses the nose-throat-lungs breathing technique we have practised together. You can download this and practise it anytime, e.g. in the mornings when you start your day, on the way to college on the bus, or to help create calm before bed.

Download meditation here.

Counted Breath Meditation (8 Minutes)

Shaking Meditation (9 Minutes)

Humming Meditation (8 Minutes)


If you would like more resources or access to free online classes, drop us an email at and we will connect you with more yoga! 🙂