We are always thrilled to receive support
from people who believe in us!

We’ve secured partial grant funding for 2022 but it doesn’t go far enough to meet the need we know is there. The need we hear about from young people, social workers, schools and councils we work with.

That’s why we’re asking for your support.

This Christmas we’re fundraising £5,000 to consolidate our year-round programming and open a learning campus in East London to reach young people that our North London site in Brent can’t. A new campus could help us support another 100 young people year-round.

Our story so far has been powered by the generosity of backers like you:


→ In 2017 we could only afford to run summer holiday programmes.

→ In 2020 we expanded to year-round programming during term holidays.

→ In 2021 we launched a Saturday school where we’ve worked with 100+ young people in North London over a sustained period to help them build community, confidence and language.

→ In 2022, with your help, we’ll go further. All money raised will support refugee young people in London. It will fund: on-site facilitators, field trips, snacks for young people, classroom and workshop materials, PPE for staff and young people, and operational costs so we can grow.